Thursday, February 11, 2010

Treading Water

I had no idea how busy it was possible for one person to be until I started teaching. I have lessons to plan, papers to grade and paperwork to fill out. Every time I turn around, there's a new form for me to fill out and deliver to someone I don't know. I have kids constantly bugging me for makeup work and I have student work jammed into every corner of my bag awaiting grading. It's all a bit much and I haven't figured out an organizational system that works for me yet.

Now that I've been working for a month, the shine has worn off of my excitement about getting a job. Don't get me wrong, I'm still incredibly happy about not being a sub anymore, but the realities of the profession are starting to sink in. I'm frustrated by the fact that I'm not perfectly organized and on top of everything like I usually am. I know that logically, it's impossible to come in and instantly be perfect. It still bugs me that I'm not though.

Parental contact has been an unexpected annoyance. I knew that I would have to have some contact with parents doing this job, but I'm getting emails every day about one kid or another. My favorite email so far has been, "My daughter's A isn't high enough. What is she doing wrong?" Ridiculous.

I'm making a serious effort to relax more and accept the fact that I am only one person and I can't be everything to everyone at once. I have to prioritize and deal with the most important things first, then the less important and balance all that with enjoying my personal life. It's really challenging!

I am determined to enjoy this weekend and not work through all of it. The Olympics are starting tomorrow and I plan to participate in the Ravelympics and cast on a project (my angora Saroyan) when the torch it lit. My awesome husband has planned a wonderful Valentine's Day for us - first we get to go see Wicked at the Performing Arts Center, then we get to go out to dinner at my favorite restaurant. So this weekend will be full of more than just work and I'm very excited about that fact.

I'm just going to keep treading water until I fall into a routine that works for me. I hope I figure it out soon, because I want to get back to knitting! Thanks to knitting in the car on the way to work (carpooling), my FLS is nearing completion. I think I've solved the problem of the baggy armpits!