Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010!

I have been having the best holiday vacation of my life. I didn't do anything special or travel far away. I just rested. This has been a blissful two weeks of sitting on the couch, watching the first two seasons of Dexter and knitting. I'm very sorry to see it come to an end. Sure, I have big and exciting things to move on to, but I have very much enjoyed the nothingness. My DH and I spent huge amounts of time just sitting on the couch and hanging out. There was no hurry, no niggling little worries running through our heads about work to be done - we were just free to relax. It was wonderful.

Now that we are officially in 2010, it's time to think about my New Year's Resolution. Last year, I had many resolutions, some of which I totally conquered and some of which I did not. Most notably, I managed to succeed in starting a blog (obviously), reading a book a month and getting a job. That last one came through just in time, eh? I think I got hired at the last possible moment for employment in 2009. I didn't end up learning color work or jewelry knitting. The color work I just didn't get to. The jewelry knitting I lost interest in. I'm moving learning color work into my 2010 resolution pile - and I'm going to get to it this time!

Here are my new resolutions for 2010:
  1. Prove myself to be a fantastic teacher.
  2. Work on my sock challenge.
  3. Participate in 10 Shawls in 2010.
  4. Learn color work in my knitting.
  5. Design a knitting pattern.
Despite my holiday relaxation, I haven't forgotten about all the work I have to do to prepare for my new job. I have done quite a bit, mixed in between all the lounging and knitting. I made a discipline plan, a parent letter, a parent information sheet, a fun activity for the kids to work on their first day, signs for the room about my rules and how to head a paper, and conversed with my mentor through e-mail and gotten approval on all these things. Today the DH and I went out and bought a ton of stuff for my classroom, including a fully stocked treasure box for rewards. I also completed the county's online orientation! It was a complete joke (entirely unhelpful and inefficient), but at least it's done. I still have to make a PowerPoint presentation for my first day, make new seating charts and finish reading the novel my advanced classes are in the middle of. I plan to tackle all of that tomorrow. I'm actually doing pretty well prep-wise!

In my knitting world, I'm working on so many projects right now. It's like I have knitting ADD. On the needles are a new February Lady Sweater (I realize I haven't blogged about my first one - I'm not happy with it and I am trying again) and a Citron. I'm also about to cast on for my Konnichiwa socks. I tried casting on for these last week, but I discovered that the yarn I wanted to use was too light of a worsted. I couldn't get gauge with it so I had to order something else. Let's hope Lorna's Laces treats me better.

Now I'm off to bed. I'm sorry to see the last true day of vacation slip away, but excited to prepare for what is lying ahead of me.

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  1. So excited for you friend! I go back on the 15th-
    Here is to a great year!!! Catch ya over at the Cup :)