Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Gift Cavalcade!

In between being excited/terrified about my new job, I've been knitting Christmas gifts like a fiend. I decided to knit as many gifts as I could from my stash this year, to save on money. All the people in my family that wouldn't appreciate a knit gift will get a tin of homemade cookies, which also saves money. You see, my husband and I would rather spend what Christmas money we have on each other. It's a little selfish, but this will be our first ever Christmas morning alone together and we want it to be special.

We've been together for about 8 Christmases now, but some were when we were kids in high school, some were when we were in college and were staying at a parent's house for the holidays, and the last one was when we were living with my mom. Now that we have our own place, this will be the first Christmas where we'll wake up in the morning and be all alone. I'm so excited! We've got all kinds of plans for a present-filled morning followed by a huge breakfast. The rest of the day will have to be spent with family, but at least we'll have the first part all to ourselves.

Anyway, I have a couple of gift projects to post about today. First up is the scarf I made for my MIL.

Pattern: One Row Handspun Scarf by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
Yarn: Vanna's Choice in Cranberry
Mods: None

This was probably the most painless scarf I have ever made. As the pattern implies, there is only one row to memorize for this scarf. It is reversible and was very fast to knit. The single row of the scarf is easy enough to knit very quickly, but interesting enough to keep you from being totally bored while you knit it.

As my MIL is shorter than me, I knitted until the scarf was a little over 5 feet. It took about one and a half balls of Vanna to get it to that length. It lays perfectly flat, so there's no need to block it. However, I think I will run it through the washer and dryer as Vanna becomes wonderfully soft after going through that process. I think the scarf looks classy - almost expensive, and the color is perfect. I hope my MIL likes it!

Next up is the hat I made for my cousin -

Pattern: Rib-A-Roni by Jane Tanner
Yarn: Vanna's Choice in Black and Silver Gray
Mods: I made the adult large size, but stopped knitting the body at 6 inches.

This is probably one of the most boring hats I have ever knit. It's for a teenage boy though, so that kind of comes with the territory. It's not like I could experiment with wild colors or a lacy pattern. He is your typical teenager and his tastes in clothing run to the simple and the black. At least I got a gray stripe in there for some visual interest.

I made the adult large. I don't think he has a particularly big head, but I haven't seen him in a year and he's a growing boy, so I didn't want to take any chances. The whole hat is ribbed, so there's a lot of forgiveness in the sizing. I stopped knitting the body at 6 inches, because the hat looked tall enough at that point.

The resulting hat is a little big for me, which should be perfect for my cousin. I took care to knit it in a machine washable yarn too for ease of care. He lives in Massachusetts, so he will actually be able to use it! I think it actually looks pretty nice, despite how boring it was to make.

Last for today is the hat a knit for my dad:

Pattern: Armando Hat by Gina House
Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted in Oceanos
Mods: I added an extra body repeat.

If this hat looks familiar to you, it's because I have made it before for ym husband - in this same yarn too, no less. This is the naughty yarn with all the bad spots in it that frustrated me so much a couple months ago. I cut out the bad parts and used the rest of the yarn to knit this. When I was finished, I threw away the yarn that remained. I'm glad I found a use for most of it and got rid of the rest!

I chose to knit this hat again because I already knew it was fast, easy and looked good in this color yarn. The only change I made this time was to knit the hat with size 9 needles instead of size 10. The pattern calls for size 9, but the first time I knit this hat I didn't own that size, so I knit it with 10s instead. Since that time, I've purchased a Knit Picks Harmony 16" circ in size 9 (which I love), so I decided to give the hat a try using it. It came out smaller that I would have liked, so I had to add an extra pattern repeat into the body. If I was going to knit this hat again, I would go back to the size 10s. I should have left well enough alone I guess.

I also finished a lacy bookmark for my mother. It came out really nice, and I'm hoping that blocking it makes it even nicer. I only have a few more gifts to finish up in the next week, so I'm right on track to finish everything by Christmas. Whew!

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  1. The scarf turned out great! I am planning to do the same scarf for my hubby with a different yarn.