Thursday, November 12, 2009


I'm feeling restless today. I had a really hard week at work last week, and coming off of all the stress from that has left me feeling drained and lost. I'm finding it hard to muster the energy to clean, cook and find jobs. I'm just so tired- not quite physically tired, but emotionally tired. I'm trying very hard to stay positive and keep going about my usual routine, but it's just a down week for me.

I know I'm depressed because I'm reading The Great Gatsby again. That's my go-to novel for when I'm feeling sorry for myself.

My February Lady Sweater is disappointing me. I made the yoke too big and now it's looking all bunchy under my arms. I'm foolishly holding out hope that blocking the sweater will fix it. Like pinning it out will magically erase all of its imperfections. I'm totally bummed because I really like this pattern and I didn't want my FO to look amateurish. I'm thinking that if I really don't like the look of the sweater once it's finished I'll make another. This one will be like a test run.

I finished one project for the House Cup and I'm about to start another. Again, I'm not particularly enthused about the assignments this month. I'm certain now that I won't be participating in the next term. I will miss it, but I need a break. I am looking forward to pursuing some different projects that don't really fit in with the Cup.

Now, back to knitting and Gatsby.

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