Friday, October 23, 2009

Angry Cat

I have been so sick this week. I've missed a ton of work because I don't have my yelling voice. I can't sub if I can't be VERY LOUD. Plus I have a nagging little cough that is driving me crazy. At least I have the free time to knit in my convalescence. From this free time that was both highly enjoyable and incredibly miserable, an abomination of crafting was born. Meet Angry Cat.

Pattern: Marmalade Ginge by Donna Wilson
Yarn: Morris Empire 4ply in orange and cream
Mods: None

Believe it or not, Angry Cat wasn't meant to look so angry. I think my miserableness subconsciously transferred to him during the crafting process. This little guy came out so serious looking! I meant for him to be cute, I swear it! This is for a swap, so I hope the person who eventually receives him appreciates his unique personality. I like him a lot. However, I have a nagging fear that my partner will unwrap him and exclaim that he's the ugliest cat she's ever seen. His expression was just too funny to rip out and start over. It's a work of art.

Let's talk about the construction on this project. The cat is knit in three pieces - the front, the back and then the tail. Everything has to be seamed up at the end. Of course, the whole thing is knitted in stockinette stitch, so all the pieces curl up like nobody's business. It was a challenge to put him together, to say the least. He's also striped from the bottom of his paws to the tips of his wonky ears, so neat finishing was a must. Stitching him up sloppily would be really obvious because the stripes wouldn't match on the sides. Look at that side seam though! I did him up right!

This pattern is from the Knitted Odd-Bod Bunch book. I like how he came out. It was a real challenge to put him together. That super-long tail that I thought was so cute (120 rows of stockinette knit flat and seamed) was a huge pain in the ass. It was worth it in the end though! I kind of wish I was keeping him.

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  1. Psssttt: I'm glad you didn't keep him! I love him very much & he may be the coolest cat in my house. (Just don't tell Steve...) ;-)