Thursday, September 10, 2009

My First Drink

It's been a little while since I blogged last. I've been enjoying an impromptu week off. I can't find any sub jobs (probably because Monday was a holiday and the teachers aren't taking any more days off this week). I actually want to get out of the house and work a little. I feel like a jerk just sitting around while my husband is working so hard every day at his school.

I'm in the middle of knitting a little niffler (hedgehog pattern) for my Care of Magical Creatures class. I thought this would be a one day project, but it's taking forever! I'm really enjoying watching the little guy emerge from under my fingers row by row, but boy this is a long pattern. I'm using fingering weight yarn and size 0 needles, so it's going to be a really cute size when I'm done (IF I ever get done). I'm also working on my OWL, which is a sweater. I have to take it off the needles to try it on soon, and I'm really nervous about it. I'm afraid I'll twist all the stitches doing this and have a wonky row. Me and moving stitches around just don't get along.

Yesterday, I had my first drink. Yes, I'm 23 and I had never tried an alcoholic beverage before yesterday. I went through all of college at a huge party school without drinking a drop. I'm not against drinking in any way, I just have never been interested in trying it. My husband, who is the same way, decided that we need to loosen up over the weekends, so he bought some Mike's Hard Lemonades. We were supposed to wait until Friday or Saturday to break into them, but my husband came home yesterday in such an incredibly bad mood that I decided to move things up.

It didn't take very good, but it wasn't bad either. We both drank our bottles and promptly fell asleep on the couch for about a half hour. That was it.

Isn't that the worst first drinking story ever? I'm just not cut out for being cool and trendy.

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