Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The First Day

I made it through my first day back at work alive. I wish I had an exciting story to tell about how it went, but it was an utterly average day. The only interesting thing that happened was a kid broke a red pen, spread the ink all over himself and pretended like it was blood. How clever, right? He wasn't convincing with his joke at all and he had to spend the rest of the day walking around in really stained clothes. I hope his mother beat his ass when he got home for that.

In one of the classes I covered (which were all reading classes, by the way), a few autistic children were in the mix of students. They had an ESE aide with them, and she spent the whole period gossiping about them quite loudly with me. "This one (and she points to a kid rocking back and forth and trying to stuff his knees into his shirt) is just lazy! He doesn't do his work!" "And this one, (she points to another kid working quietly) is able to fit in with the other kids. He doesn't like people to know I'm here to help him!" The classroom was dead silent. Everyone heard. She was so inappropriate. How is it that people like this are gainfully employed and I can't find a real job???

I didn't manage to find work for today, but I do have jobs for Thursday and Friday already. Middle schools again. Ugh.

The new classes for the House Cup went up today and they assignments look amazing! In fact, I'm off to get started right now. It's been too long since I made a project post in this blog!

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