Tuesday, August 25, 2009

School's In

Today is the first day of school in my county. Not surprising in the least is the fact that I didn't get a sub job today. You would have to be a pretty ballsy teacher to take the first day of school off. I'm actually not expecting to work this week at all. Not that I mind. The jobs will come rolling in soon enough and I'll be staring at another generation of moron children.

I am trying to stave off the cold feeling of dread sitting in my stomach with knitting my Reducio Swap items. I just finished the most beautiful little object to include in my package. I actually kind of want to keep it for myself. I wish I could do a project post about it, but the walls have eyes on Ravelry and this treasure must be kept secret until my future partner receives it.

Aside from that I spent today cleaning the apartment. I forgot just how much work it is to maintain a whole place. When we were living at my mom's I was only responsible for cleaning our bedroom, office and bathroom. Now I have a kitchen and living area to worry about. Bleh. It took all day to finish.

My husband will be home soon. I am sitting here waiting to hear all about his first day with his students. Lucky him, having a job and the normalcy that comes with it. For now, I will enjoy watching hours of CSI reruns and sitting on my ass with my knitting. My revolving door of kids and classrooms will be here before I know it.

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