Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Super Slouchy Beret

I finished blocking my Muggle Studies project today, and in the interest of being prompt with my posting, here it is!

Pattern: Grace Lace Beret by Elizabeth Eisenstein
Yarn: Knit Picks City Tweed DK in Morning Glory
Mods: None

I made this hat for my sister, who has been asking me to make a beret for her for a long time. It came out really well. I definitely like how the City Tweed knits up.

I followed the instructions on this pattern to the letter. It was an easy and fun project. I was really surprised to see how much it grew during blocking! It was a bit on the small side for a beret, but once I put it in some cool water I feel like it grew 50% in size. I was so afraid I wrecked it by making it too big, but my sister said she likes it.

Naturally I tried it on before giving it away, and I discovered that I don't look good in berets. At all. It's my huge forehead that wrecks the look. Oh well.

In other news, my hatred for top down hats continues! I was trying to make Foliage today for my Herbology project. I was using the wrong size needle (a 10 instead of a 10.5 just because I don't have a 10.5) and it came out entirely too small. Like, we're talking child sized. There's no way that it would have been right even if I had the right needle.

That's my issue with top down hats - I can't try them on as I go. I hate trying to figure out gauge on hats because doing a swatch in the round is super inconvenient. I like being able to try it on as I knit so I can decide if I want to add more repeats or whatever. That luxury is gone when you're knitting from the top down. I hate it!

Some day I'll learn not to do top down patterns. Until that day comes, I need to find a child to bestow my shrunken hats on.

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  1. aww such a nice hat! Thank you for sharing!

    Have a nice day <3