Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Quidditch CAL

Here I am, posting my very last project in the spring 2009 term of the House Cup. It's been a fun and challenging experience to say the least. I am sad that things are about to come to an end. On a positive note though, I only have one month to fill until the fall term starts and I can play all over again! For the month of August, I am taking a change on a new Potter activity - The North American Institute of Magical Education. It's basically a mini house cup that runs just in the month between terms. It sounds like a blast and the perfect thing to keep me busy while I'm waiting for the real Cup to start again.

The Potions assignment this month was genius. We were studying the Felix Felicis potion, and the project was to make something small, gold and sparkly. However, Felix is a banned substance on the Quidditch pitch. So, if we were a part of our house Quidditch team (which I was), we had an alternate assignment. We had to make something see-through instead. How fun is that?

The Slytherin team decided to do a KAL/CAL together since we all had to do the alternate assignment. The people that wanted to knit made the Omo scarf. The people that wanted to crochet made the Alpine Frost Scarf. This time, I decided to go along with the crocheters.

Pattern: Alpine Frost Scarf by Amy O'Neill Houck
Yarn: Caron Naturally Country in Peacock
Mods: I used a worsted weight instead of a laceweight, so my hook size and starting chains had to be recalculated. I used a K hook and cast on 27 stitches.

I am very pleased with how this scarf came out. I love the color, the yarn I used and the drape I got after I "killed" the acrylic yarn. It was my first time trying this technique and it worked beautifully.

I can't wait until it's a little colder out and I get a change to wear this! I crocheted until it felt long enough and I'm happy with the length I ended up with. I can't measure it now because I am in the middle of packing up and moving, but I believe it's about 5 feet long.

This pattern was originally written for laceweight yarn, and it would look very lovely in that weight. I wanted a quicker knit this time, and using worsted made that a possibility. The open stitch pattern makes it airy and light even though I used a thicker yarn.

This is a very good scarf, and that's all I can say. What more could I want? Now it needs some fingerless mitts to match it!

On the moving front, things are progressing quickly. I'm happy to be moving, but I'm a little apprehensive too. It will be the first time we are on our own - completely supporting ourselves. It's irrational to worry because I know we have enough money to live nicely, but still. It's a little scary! Everyone's gotta make the leap sometime though, right? At 23 years old, I am way past due. Now if I could only find a job so I could start pulling in more than the pitiful salary substitute teaching pays . . .

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