Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lavender's Bath Set

In the interest of being all caught up with posting my projects, here's what I turned in for DADA today. Our assignment was to make an item inspired by the Half Blood Prince novel. I made a trio of washcloths in honor of Lavender Brown, girly girl extraordinaire.

Patterns: Two Hearts as One Dishcloth by Cathy Waldie (red)
Lattice Hearts Dishcloth by Rachel van Schie (white)
X's and O's Dishcloth by Rachel van Schie (pink)
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton in Poppy Red
Sugar and Cream Cotton in White and Light Pink
Mods: none

I'm very pleased with how these cloths came out. This red one was a very easy pattern and the heart image shows up nice and clear.

I knew I wanted the cloths to be in pink, red and white. That meant one of them had to be boring because white just isn't all that exciting. You can't see the pattern as well as you can on the other cloths in this color, but it looks excellent in person.

This cloth was the most intricate and it has a little bit of lace in the center, so it's my favorite. I was just telling my husband the other night that once we move out into our own place, we will never have to buy a dishcloth because I will be making all of them. These will make a nice start to that stack.

In non-knitting news, I'm finally moving! My sister has to move to a new apartment. Her old landlord, desperate to keep her from moving, offered to lower her rent to $590 a month for her one bedroom condo if she would stay. Price wasn't the issue behind her moving, so she declined the offer, but we jumped all over it. We will never find a better deal around here, so we are moving into her place at that same low rate. This could all happen as soon as August, since my sister's new place wants her to move in at the beginning of the month!

Finally, we won't be living with my mother anymore! We will be independent! This is SO worth cutting back on yarn to save for moving expenses!

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