Thursday, July 23, 2009


Well, today turned out to be a very busy posting day! I just got word that my swap partner has received her package from me. I included my Charms homework from this month as one of the items and now that she has her package I am free to post about it!

The assigment this month was to make something, then duplicate it. I decided to make two identical ants:

Pattern: Ants by Hansi Singh
Yarn: Vanna's Choice Worsted in Chocolate Brown
Mods: Instead of picking up stitches for the antennae, I made small crochet chains and sewed them onto the head. Picking up stitches from the head neatly and uniformly is extremely difficult.

This project was hard. I had to do a multitude of fiddly things like picking up stitches, short rows, grafting and seaming properly. With items this small, the tiniest mistake tends to stand out. Since these were a gift for another person, I had to make sure that I did a professional, classy job.

The little ant legs have wire in them so they are bendy. If you are considering trying this pattern out, you'll notice that Singh claims using pipe cleaners inside the legs is an optional step. Be aware that if you leave them out, the ant will look like total crap. The legs absolutely need structure.

Also, if I were to make this ant again, I would seam up the ant legs around the pipe cleaners right from the outset. The pattern suggests inserting them much further along during the assembly. I found this to be impossible, so I had to use thinner and less stable craft wire. The legs should most definitely be seamed around pipe cleaners.

One change I made to the pattern was the assembly of the antennae. The pattern tells you to pick up four stitches in a tiny circle on each side of the head and do an i-cord outward. I couldn't find a way to do this without it looking totally uneven and lumpy, so I just crocheted a couple of chains and sewed them on. It works just as well in my opinion.

Here's a shot of the underside. The finished product is really cute. It was a tough job putting these guys together, but totally worth it in the end. The only problem is that now I want one for myself!

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