Friday, June 5, 2009

Well . . .

Well, it's been a little while since I posted. Sorry about that, but I've been busy knitting (and to a lesser extent, crocheting)!

I'm just about ready to post a handful of projects I have completed for my June classes in the HPKCHC. I haven't taken pictures of anything yet because I am lazy and I hate my camera. I've also been enjoying the new summer with my husband. Since we both teach, we both have the summers off together. I love being able to reconnect with him.

Exciting news: My birthday is coming up! I hope to receive lots of yarn-related goodness. Of course, there will be pictures of that. But truly, I will be happy just to spend some quality time with my husband. The only bad part about birthdays is that I'm kind of obligated to hang out with the rest of my family too. It's my birthday, shouldn't I be able to spend it doing whatever I want with whoever I want?

I'm thinking of joining another Harry Potter swap. Sign ups start Monday and I probably won't decide until then. I really want to participate, but I have never done a swap before and I don't want to let whoever I get paired up with down!

Sorry for the blah post, but I will be back soon with lots of project pictures and my (belated) book review for May.

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