Saturday, June 13, 2009

From the Stack of FOs . . .

I have been exceedingly lazy lately! Don't get me wrong, I've been knitting up a storm, I've just been internet lazy. I'm finding it hard to get up the motivation to post projects, update Ravelry and blog. The shame of it all!

I have a big pile of FOs to post sitting on my computer desk. It's quite overwhelming to be honest. I have decided to take things slow and post one thing a day until I'm finished. First up is my cabled DS Cozy for Muggle Studies.


Pattern: Cabled DS Lite Case by Simplethings
Yarn: Vanna's Choice Baby in Pink Poodle
Mods: None. I stuck to the pattern on this one.


I say this all the time, but this was a truly wonderful pattern to work with. The directions were clear, the design was clever and best of all there were no seams to sew at the end!


I made this for my Muggle Studies class. The assignment was to create an accessory to a muggle electronic device. It just so happens that I have been meaning to make a case for my DS for ages, so I took advantage of the opportunity. I really like the look of the nice fat cables on this. Cables are one of my favorite things about knitting, but for some reason I don't do a lot of patterns that include them.


The cozy is knit all in one piece, in the round starting at the top. The bottom is closed using the kitchener stitch. The kitchener stitch and I have never been the greattest of friends, so I was a little wary to finish the project using it. I looked around the internet for some tips and found this excellent video (link in the "finishing" section) showing how to do it easily and neatly. For some reason, seeing someone else do it was all it took for me to understand it instantly. I'm so proud of how the bottom came out! It really looks like a professional, finished piece with no bulky, uneven seams to deal with.

So, there's my project for today. Tomorrow I will post another. For now, the only other new thing I have to report is that I did end up deciding to join that Harry Potter swap I was thinking about. In this swap, we all have to have a Harry Potter name to use. I entered my real name into the Harry Potter Name Generator and it spit back "Bridget the Bloodthirsty." I thought that was so funny that I decided to go with it.

This swap requires me to use a blog, and I decided to set up a new one as my character, Bridget. You can access it here if you are interested. I also added a link to my sidebar. I'm really excited for this. I just hope I don't let my swap partner down!

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