Thursday, June 18, 2009

Crunchy Coasters

Today I have another FO to post. After this one, I will have only one more thing in the FO pile on my desk.

Today's project is my Transfiguration assignment. Our task was to knit or crochet something out of a non-yarn material. I was a little lost when I first read about this class, but when the idea of using plastic shopping bags was tossed out there, I knew that I had to give that a try.


There's no yarn or pattern information for this project. I just cut two plastic shopping bags up into a long continuous strip (by cutting off the handles and spiraling down the bag), and used my lucky green crochet hook (J) to make a basic circle. I did a brown bag and a white bag to make coasters for my husband and me.


When cutting up the delicate plastic to make my "plarn," I remember thinking that crocheting with this stuff could easily turn into a nightmare. When I started hooking though, I was pleased to find out that it was easy to work with. I used a more delicate touch than I would employ with regular yarn, but other than that I didn't do anything differently and I had no problems with breakage or stretching.


The finished products work like a charm. In fact, I've got my water bottle sitting on one right now. The good thing about using plastic yarn for these is that sweat from cold drinks or spillage won't hurt them. They will rinse clean every time! What a nice way to recycle.

In OWL news, my Queen Anne's Lace shawl is coming along very well. I am well past the 25% mark I need to get to by the end of this month. If everything continues to go according to plan I will definitely be finished by the deadline.

I went with my husband to see his new school today. Thank goodness he found another position! I was afraid we'd both be stuck subbing next year and never move out of my parents' house! He ended up at a magnet school for the performing arts. He's teaching math, so he isn't involved in the special electives they offer, but he gets the benefits of having students motivated enough to enroll in a magnet school. I hope that he won't have as many behavior issues with these kids as he did with his kids in his regular public school from last year.

Now all that's left is to find me a job so that I don't have to sub anymore! I'm not holding my breath on this one for this year though. The economy is in dire straights and our school boards are completely screwed as far as budgets are concerned. So many teachers have lost positions that there aren't really any jobs left for people looking to get into the game. All of those laid off teachers have to go somewhere, and they get priority when jobs open up. They should, of course. It just sucks for me because it means that there probably won't be any jobs left for new people.

I will wait and be strong until I can get in somewhere. I have no other choice. Until then, I will knit.

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