Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So I was all set to take a bunch of pictures and post the scarf I made for my Ancient Runes homework today, but the weather is totally not cooperating. My camera pretty much only functions well in natural light, and it is pouring outside today! I 'll have to wait until the weather isn't so wet to go outside and snap some pretty pictures of it. For now, here's a poor quality teaser shot that I took inside on my desk:


More information will be posted shortly on this scarf, which I designed myself and am very truly happy with.

I just got a box of lace yarn from that I am thrilled with. I'll get some stash pictures going tomorrow (hopefully). This is my last little shipment of yarn until June because we bought a Wii this weekend and need to establish a budget. I got some Dream in Color laceweight in Ruby River, some Mal laceweight in Purple Mystery and some Madeline Tosh lace in Warm Maize. It's all amazing. Seriously. This box was a winner.

I had a very rough day at work today. I feel like such an imposter sometimes. I'm really a glorified chair-warmer, honestly. Today the teacher next door asked me to step between my class and hers to watch over her kids while she ran to get a cup of coffee (ninth graders). She was gone five minutes, tops. In that amount of time, two of her kids got into a screaming match over nothing, and the girl who was involved threw her open bottle of chocolate milk at the other kid's head. She got chocolate milk everywhere. On the ceiling, on the floor, on the tables, on her teacher's files. Thankfully it did not get on me. That's about the only good thing I can say about my day. I didn't get doused in chocolate milk. What an accomplishment.

I felt like SUCH AN IDIOT when the teacher came back after five minutes to find her classroom in ruins. I must have looked completely incompetent- like I couldn't handle watching some kids for five minutes. Sheesh. I was so embarrassed. I honestly feel like there was no way I could have handled the situation better. Her kids are true crazies and it all happened so fast. What was I supposed to do? The slow motion dramatic leap in front of the chocolate milk, arms outstretched, screaming "NOOOO!"? The girl that threw the milk seemed quite unstable. I know it's not my fault, because they should be able to behave, but that doesn't help me feel any better about it.

There's only another week of school left after this one. Let's hope I can make it through alive (and milk-free).

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