Monday, April 20, 2009

A Toasty Cowl

I finished this cowl some time ago, but just got around to taking pictures for it today.


Pattern: Spiral Cowl by Keri McKiernan
Yarn: Knit Picks Andean Silk in Bluebell
Mods: I used a size 7 needles and worsted weight yarn. I omitted two of the spiral pattern repeats.


The hardest thing about this project was the picot edging. The instructions for the bottom edge ask you to knit some rows, then fold your knitting up to the inside of your cowl and knit a row holding the edges together. It was incredibly difficult to do this evenly. I figured it out eventually, but after much ripping. It did end up coming out very pretty.


The yarn I used, Knit Picks Andean Silk, is delicious. It's soft and smooshy and I love it. It has a pretty sheen to it, from the silk, and a nice halo from the alpaca. It looked so good just sitting in the ball that I had an indescribable urge to stuff it in my mouth. It sheds like crazy while you knit it, but the finished product doesn't really shed at all. I will definitely use this yarn again.

The only things left on my needles at this point are my shawl and a lace scarf I started working on ages ago, last December. I've been bringing the scarf to sub jobs lately, so I should have that finished up this week. My goal is to have everything completed by the end of the month. The new House Cup term is starting and I want a clean canvas, so to speak.

Today's been a trying day. I hate subbing. Why do kids hit each other so much? My DH and I are going on a vacation to Disney on April 29th. I can't wait to get away from it all!

Now, back to the shawl.

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